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2 years ago I desperately wanted to be a videographer, was spending thousands of dollars on a college education, and was thoroughly lost.
I had a dream but I lacked the skills and the mindset to even know where to start. That’s when I discovered FullTime Filmmaker, an online filmmaking course taught by legendary videographer Parker Walbeck. I jumped in with everything I had and never looked back.
If you're trying to start a career in videography, FullTime Filmmaker is the single most important thing I can point to that has allowed me to reach the level I’m at today. It absolutely changed my life. As a filmmaker, entrepreneur, and businessman.
I cannot recommend this course highly enough, it is the best investment I have ever made in my myself.



I’ve created a page where you can view all the equipment I use and recommend, and where to buy it. A lesson I learned early on was that if I wanted people to invest in my business, I had to invest in myself. Purchasing professional quality equipment was an important piece in this process!


Honeybook is the client management software I use to handle all my wedding clients. Staying organized is absolutely key for a wedding videography business where you have to simultaneously keep track of multiple clients with different budgets and needs. I highly recommend Honeybook for anyone looking for a stream-lined client management process that handles everything from initial inquiry all the way through payment in one place. Use the link below to get 20% of your first year with Honeybook.

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